Corporate Profile

TEMKE is operating as a raisin processing and packing machine manufacturer for raisins with high standards of quality and safety. Its machines are designed according to European Union and USA rules and restrictions for the food industries.

They are completely automatic, starting from the very first step of bringing the raisins into the factory by the farmers, to the final stage of automatic weighing, sticking and packing.

In more detail, the process line for raisins includes machines for washing and breaking the lumps, automatic sulphuring (if it is necessary), removing stones and wood-sticks, drying in automatic dryers (if it is necessary), oiling, cutting and removing the stems, cleaning and grading, hand picking and finally automatic weighing, sticking and packing inside 5-15 kgr paper cartons.

A typical line can reach a capacity of 4 t/h. However, we can also design and propose machines for bigger or smaller capacities or suggest different solutions as all our machines are tailored to serve the needs of the individual client.

Our company throughout it's history has always followed the evolution of technology. For example, on an early stage, it has adopted the use of inverters, Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC), remote control systems and other reliable, cutting-edge technology. All machines are made completely of stainless steel and any part that is in contact with raisins is made of material confirmed and approved by FDA (USA) and EU Specifications.

TEMKE is one of the main raisins machine manufacturers in Europe and due to its long experience in the product and good reputation for building reliable production lines it has earned the trust of its clients and manage to expand its customer base to the whole Continent and beyond. United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Australia are some of the countries where TEMKEā€™s machines have been exported to.